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But as it is, it felt like a struggle to finish because I hated Sasha so much, and I couldn't really stand the lightning quick shifts of opinion. Still, I've enjoyed Amber Kell's work in the past, and I'm not going to let this one book stop me from enjoying everything else she writes. I hope Trials of Tam will be a better read. Dec 20, Karel rated it did not like it Shelves: The big bad vampire that even Sasha is afraid of is felled in one sentence. Then Rael and Vallin? We don't know these characters, and they're portrayed erratically. First they're foreshadowing for evil in the previous book, and then they were reluctant co-conspirators, and then all of a sudden they're declaring their love out of nowhere - a love that had no development at all previously.

This isn't an action novel, but the discomfort of the author at writin This is ridiculous. This isn't an action novel, but the discomfort of the author at writing fight scenes practically radiate from the book And it manifests itself by reducing whole battles into single sentences. It's like the fourth book of Twilight all over again: And then it's over and you're like, that's it?

That's my orgasm after all that foreplay? And the attempt to power up Randall until he's over ? Apr 27, L-D rated it liked it Shelves: Unlike some series where the next book focuses on a new set of MCs, the second book in the Blood, Moon and Sun series revisits Randall and Sasha. It was a cute story but like the first, it didn't really blow me away.

I enjoyed reading it, and I did like it better than the first book because there was much more development, but I find that these stories are a little too short to develop the plot or the characters well enough. In this case, since the author did focus on Randy and Sasha again inste Unlike some series where the next book focuses on a new set of MCs, the second book in the Blood, Moon and Sun series revisits Randall and Sasha. In this case, since the author did focus on Randy and Sasha again instead of moving to new characters, I did appreciate that we got the benefit of learning more about Randy and Sasha.

I still would prefer longer books, however. Oct 23, Isabella rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This one was as amazing as the first book in the series.

Kiss of the Vampire

It was an absolute joy to see Randall and Sasha again. In this installment Randy saw the life of a king thru his own eyes for a little while and Sasha discovered the beauty of having a more aggressive mate. Ooo, lets not forget someone's got wings now, oh joy!!! Nov 12, Noughty rated it it was ok Shelves: The blurb is very misleading. It makes you think this book will be about the trouble of submitting while being inhabited by some dominant ghost, but it was just one little scene.

The book plot was basically about the ghost. The main couple just secondary characters.

Kiss of the Vampire: Blood Moon Series (Volume 1): Terry Spear: Books

Oct 21, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. Loved it and hoping there's going to be more. Dec 10, Phaney rated it it was ok. This is somewhat disappointing for a sequel. For one thing, not everything matches in terms of continuity. I mean, the facts line up close enough but the tone between people just does not match at all. Plus why is he suddenly so insecure of his relationship with Sasha, when it was made clear in the first book that Sasha will die without him?

Sasha is also a lot less attentive to him. And the whole mindreading thing only ever pops up anymore when it suits the author. It makes me feel that this book was not written with any good amount of focus on what the author was doing, maybe. Or possibly just edited badly. Other things made me unhappy too, changes from the first book. Eh, it was still an okay read. But yeah, on the whole this was amusing, if less for the romance than the story itself. This is what their backs look like when their wings are retracted. Because being the mate of a vampire wasn't enough of a challenge.

Wings or no wings, having Randy back in his world was worth any price. Oct 21, Sui Lynn rated it liked it Shelves: I liked the story. I want to say that upfront. But it was so poorly edited, including character name messes and a storyline miss in the middle where Sasha is suddenly watching the King materialize and he never made it to the land of the fae, that I just can't mark this higher. It is a slickly-produced color story of evil doings in Bavaria, circa , replete with suspense, demonism and mystery tightly wrapped in a skillful package of effective performance and well-paced direction.

The direction is competent enough, though Don Sharp reveals no flair for this kind of thing, and there is a signal lack of atmosphere.

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This set was re-released on Blu-ray on 13 September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Finnish film, see The Kiss of Evil. For other uses, see Kiss of the Vampire. Knights and the Supernatural". The New York Times: The Monthly Film Bulletin.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Having read all of Terry's books this is one of the best start to a new series. The story starts at an exciting pase an continues at warp speed to an hanging ending leaving you looking for book 2. One person found this helpful. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. I want more where's book 2!!! My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!

New series and new narrator for me: First impression of the narrator was that I thought it was weird; however, after you get to know the characters, I think it was a good fit and loved it: I really like Levka and his friends. I love their chivalry and that they feel obligated to help mortals.

I love my main characters being good guys: She is strong and stands for others even when she is scared.

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  5. I love when the characters in the stories I read have outstanding character. She is fantastic at writing her scenes so pictures jump to your mind. I never have to worry about not being able to picture what is happening, and it makes it very easy to be sucked into the story and connect with the characters.

    I definitely want to add this in paperback to my classroom library. I highly recommend this book to Terry Spear fans who are love the YA genre as well. It is a fantastic way to hook teen readers into become Terry fans: I know my son is a fan and is always happy when we have another YA book by Terry to listen to: Did I mention that four of the vamps are on the run from their Dallas council? Intrigue, romance, adventure, travel, humor, vampires, witches, magic I absolutely inhaled the story and my only complaint was that it ended too soon!!!! The action was non-stop and never boring and the supporting characters were engaging.

    I'm thrilled that Terry has shared that she's working on a sequel to this book I can hardly wait to read more of these characters and enjoy more of their adventures!

    Terry Spear

    Trouble certainly knew where to find them! This was the 1st audible book I've ever listened to while exercising and it did a bang-up job! I would get so engrossed in the story that I would forget that I was running! One minute I was holding my breath during an intense episode and the next I was laughing out loud at a ludicrous comment. I was completely oblivious to any of my normal body pains. That didn't happen when I listened to music! I would push myself to go further as I didn't want to stop listening and could hardly wait to exercise again to listen to more of the story.