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The example that follows shows how to graph the ordered pair 1, 3. Plot the point 1, 3. The x- coordinate is 1 because it comes first in the ordered pair. Start at the origin and move a distance of 1 unit in a positive direction to the right from the origin along the x- axis. The y- coordinate is 3 because it comes second in the ordered pair. From here move directly 3 units in a positive direction up. If you look over to the y- axis, you should be lined up with 3 on that axis. Draw a point at this location and label the point 1, 3.

In the previous example, both the x- and y- coordinates were positive. When one or both of the coordinates of an ordered pair is negative, you will need to move in the negative direction along one or both axes. Consider the example below in which both coordinates are negative. Start at the origin and move 4 units in a negative direction left along the x- axis. Now move 2 units in a negative direction down.

The steps for plotting a point are summarized below. Beginning at the origin, move horizontally, the direction of the x -axis, the distance given by the x- coordinate. If the x- coordinate is positive, move to the right; if the x- coordinate is negative, move to the left. Beginning at the x- coordinate, move vertically, the direction of the y -axis, the distance given by the y- coordinate. If the y- coordinate is positive, move up; if the y- coordinate is negative, move down.

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Label the point with the ordered pair. Point B is correct. Begin at the origin and move 2 units in the negative direction left along the x- axis. Then, move 3 units in a positive direction along the y- axis 3 units up. Plot a point there. Ordered pairs within any particular quadrant share certain characteristics. Look at each quadrant in the graph below. What do you notice about the signs of the x- and y- coordinates of the points within each quadrant?

Within each quadrant, the signs of the x- coordinates and y- coordinates of each ordered pair are the same. They also follow a pattern, which is outlined in the table below. General Form of Point in this Quadrant. Starting from the origin, go along the x- axis in a positive direction right and along the y- axis in a positive direction up. Starting from the origin, go along the x- axis in a negative direction left and along the y- axis in a positive direction up.

Starting from the origin, go along the x- axis in a negative direction left and along the y- axis in a negative direction down. Starting from the origin, go along the x- axis in a positive direction right and along the y- axis in a negative direction down. Once you know about the quadrants in the coordinate plane, you can determine the quadrant of an ordered pair without even graphing it by looking at the chart above. The example below details how to determine the quadrant location of a point just by thinking about the signs of its coordinates. Rambo knows the local terrain of a supposed POW camp, making him perfect for a one-man reconnaissance mission.

The Vampire Quadrants - One

Trautman has been captured by the Soviets during the height of the cold-war. The US military can't be seen to intervene leaving Rambo, who is not only highly skilled but not with the military, the only man they can send in with any hope for success. Twice in Rambo IV ; he knows the local area and has a large enough boat, so the missionaries choose him to sneak them into Burma.

Later when the missionaries get captured only he knows where he dropped them off so is required to escort a crew of mercenaries to the correct location. Only You Can Save Mankind gleefully subverts this. You respawn, while the aliens are Killed Off for Real.

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Also, you're not the only one who can save mankind. Not that it needs saving, anyway. Douglas Hill's Last Legionary. The last survivor of a planet of highly-skilled and galaxy-renowned mercenaries versus a shadowy Warlord and his powerful organisation. Subverted in the Ea Cycle where many prophecies talk about the Maitreya but it turns out that they were translated from a language without the definite article. Not the hero, and certainly others were fairly competent, but during his final campaign , we see that not even Captain Pellaeon, the second-in-command , knew what most of Grand Admiral Thrawn's plans were.

This meant that when Joruus C'baoth used the Force to take control of the entire Imperial fleet , he couldn't piece together the plan from the hundreds or thousands who had some hint about those, but it also meant that when Thrawn was killed and Pellaeon stepped up , he had to call a retreat. A sketched-out five-year plan was found later, but, well, it was written with the assumption that the Empire would win that particular battle. In the wretched tie-in novel for Planetfall an alien diplomat will be unable to stop himself from raping and murdering Earth's diplomat unless the sound of a soprano saxophone is played when they meet, and the protagonist is the only Space Patrol officer who can play one.

This just raises further questions. Lampshaded at one point. There never are, are there? Apparently, losses in recent years have stretched Starfleet thin Continuity Nod cluster ahoy , and there was great concern in some quarters precisely because of the limited defense. The V'Ger incident proved these critics right. Why the same situation crops up in later films still needs explaining, sadly, but that's not this novel's concern.

The Only One - TV Tropes

Among all the war and greed of the world seven generations after Adam, the only man to remain just is Enoch, who made it his mission to preach righteousness and pass on justice to his descendants. On the opinion of Varys, Daenerys is the only viable candidate to the Iron Throne; stronger than Tommen and gentler than Stannis. Presumably as of the end of Season 6, his opinion is stronger than ever. However, this is downplayed in Season 7.

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Varys thinks she's The Only One, but this largely depends on her not becoming like Aerys "with the right counsel. Len from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight not only starts out like this, he wants to keep it that way at first because he doesn't believe anyone from Earth can be trusted with the Kamen Rider Advent Decks, particularly Kit, who is the mirror twin of the Rider who betrayed the team. The fact that most of the Earth Riders actually tend to be bad guys though a few are innocently duped or framed doesn't help matters any.

He gets better about it as the series goes on, and then it's revealed that he wasn't the last of the Ventaran Riders to escape being vented anyway. We start the series with two members one being our hero and a mysterious, unaligned Rider who considers everyone his enemy as the only good guys who are alive and free, and a lot of questions as to what is really going on that they have to solve on their own. At least they got to salvage some of the lab equipment most notably their monster detector. Nicely averted on Criminal Minds.

While are heroes are always the best, the local cops are almost always helpful and competent. Jurisdiction Friction is played down—in fact, the characters make a point of respecting and aiding the locals. In The X-Files , federal agents Mulder and Scully were often the only ones who could defeat the Monster of the Week - partly because of the astonishing amount of Corrupt Hick law enforcers they encountered, and partly because they were usually the only ones who believed or accepted that the threat actually existed in the first place.

The Doctor is often the Only One who can save the day, because he's a Sufficiently Advanced Alien who's way above everyone else and the other Time Lords are either apathetic in Classic Who or gone completely in the revival. You never went where I wanted to go! But I always took you where you needed to be. Clara was the only one who could save the Doctor's existance by jumping into the his timestream. FBI variant is the central plot of an In the Heat of the Night episode, in which the Sparta DA's daughter is kidnapped and Gillespie's force—using their small-town savvy—competes almost literally with by-the-book FBI agents to locate her.

The starship Enterprise seems to be the only ship in the sector when a crisis goes down a lot of the time. Most egregiously in Star Trek: Generations , in which the crisis takes place near Earth, the capital of the Federation, and the Enterprise, whose best Applied Phlebotinum won't be in until Tuesday, is still the only ship close enough. Apparently, if the Romulans ever decide to bring the fight to our heroes, they'll only have to get past one ship But fully justified in the prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise , as the NX Enterprise is the only Warp 5 spacecraft available until the NX Columbia is completed mid-way through the fourth season.

The lack of sufficient defenses is made painfully obvious when a Xindi probe carves a large swath through the Western hemisphere with its prototype planet-destroying beam. The probe is intercepted and destroyed, but too late for the millions of casualties. When the Enterprise arrives back to the Solar System, pursued by Duras, Archer is surprised to see system defense ships quickly react to the invader.

The Only One

They might not be equipped with Warp 5 drives, but you can do with Warp 3 when you don't have to leave the system. Likewise justified in the series Voyager. Since the entire premise is that Voyager is stranded halfway across the galaxy from home, there will obviously be no other Starfleet authorities or reinforcements around for them to fall back on.

Also finally averted in the Grand Finale as the Dominion War has apparently made Starfleet Genre Savvy enough to keep a sizable fleet near Earth, allowing 18 ships to immediately converge on a Borg transwarp aperture which Voyager opens less than a light-year away. Downplayed in TOS , as while the Enterprise was the only ship in the sector more than once, mostly it was in relatively remote sectors several other times they weren't the only ship in the sector, just the only surviving ship.

Then promptly taken to the cliched extreme in The Motion Picture, when the Enterprise is the only available ship at Earth. Miami plays it completely straight. The Crime Scene investigators are the only law enforcement personnel who care about getting the criminals. The DA's only care about getting convictions, even if it is a wrongful one. Judges are at best unhelpful or helpless, at worst are corrupt and seek to hinder the CSI in any way possible. Other cops just don't care.

Parole Boards are more focused on bureaucracy than on doing their job of making sure bad people stay in jail. Similarly, cops are unable to do anything without Horatio - a CSI. Down to the point where SWAT teams, in full gear, will wait patiently for Horatio to show up - with a suit and a handgun - before entering a location. Of course Horatio enters first. Most evident in an episode where gunfire was heard in a house,— the cops surround the house, then wait for Horatio before going in to check what happens.

One has to wonder what happens if there are two crimes in Miami at the same time. Another episode has Horatio personally escorting a truck filled with confiscated drugs that are to be incinerated. The trope is also present to a large extent in CSI: Used to the extreme in Heroes where more or less every character has once been declared " the only one who can stop " the bad guys Sylar, usually. In 24 , Jack Bauer is the only one allowed to save the day. He is one of usually five people in CTU that isn't a mole, as well.

It's not just Jack. Often someone usually Chloe will be fired from CTU, only to be brought back later in the day because presumably no one else there knows how to use a computer. In fact, operatives have broken the law and still been brought back because they're the only ones who can do whatever it is they do. After he did a episode stint as The Mole because of an I Have Your Wife situation, he was told that he could be charged with treason and given death, but if he was very cooperative and very lucky, he'd "merely" do 20 years in a federal prison. Not only is he allowed to stick around for the duration of the current crisis, he came back the next season because CTU needed him just that much.

Unjustified in instances when this isn't the case. Similarly, the number of times it's SG-1 offworld when a crisis erupts, or that they can't contact the base, or that the endangered aliens specifically ask for that particular team makes you wonder what all the other teams are doing wrong Ask yourself, knowing people often number things according to quality and SG-1 are said to be the point team because they are the best - aiding the assumption , would you want SG helping you or SG? They're the point team because they have lot of experience and specialized knowledge which makes them perfect for first-contact or other unsettled situations where assessing what's going on in a timely manner is critical.

Who can defend themselves and are willing to deal with what SG-1 does on a daily basis It was also said that some teams are specialists of their own. SG-9 was the lawyers and diplomat team specializing in dealing with legal issues, like when SG-1 was put on a prison planet in S2-E3 Prisoners.

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  • Meanwhile several teams SG-3, -5, , and are mainly combat support. The show was also named Stargate: Presumably if they had a Stargate: SG-3 we would get to see SG-3 running around and taking care of business ; we just don't because they're not who the show focuses on. Somewhat less justified with the various one-shot or recurring scientists. In "The Crystal Skull", the presumably second-best archaeology expert can't make heads or tails of the crystal skull and help Daniel.

    The Vampire Quadrants - One

    In later episodes, Dr. Lee is often called upon for scientific expertise; he usually just makes things worse. The impression given is that the SGC does try to hire experts other than the members of SG-1, but no one else is as good as they are. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the Chosen One, the only one who can defeat the vampires, demons, etc. She alone can stop the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

    Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Vampire Quadrants - One it was amazing 5. Persiphony Lalasha was born a pure breed in one of the 12 powerful clans.