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Keep going to the gym and buy some larger clothes. You smoked for many years, it is just going to take your body a little more time to re-adjust. Don't confuse cigarette cravings with being hungry-- it's easy to do. I just wrote another hub with more tips on weight loss for ex smokers. Go have a look and be patient with yourself. I was about the age you are when I quit--it takes older bodies a bit more time to adjust, but really, it is soooooo worth it. Please don't give up. I'm pulling for you. Well I am female 57 yrs old never had a weight problem and then I quit smoking Aug 2 , It has been the hardest thing I ever did.

I have gained 30 pounds and it sucks, I have started working out 3 times a week at the jym , I babysit a 18 month old toddler, and i am still gaining. I have learned that food taste great.. I smoked 30 or so smokes a day before and hardly ate anything , so after 8 months I am really working on losing this dam weight.

Last time I tried quitting I got this far and hated the weight thing ,,, I am going to get past it this time and not SMOKE , I will get to the year this time and lose the weight ,,,, wish me luck and I do feel better , just fat. Congrats on quitting Sylvia and don't stop now. It will level out. It just takes time-- I know you just want to chew on something all the time LOL.

It's the blood sugar thing. All I can say is keep working out-- never never go without breakfast and try to chomp on stuff that isn't too fattening-- plain unbuttered popcorn is good if you like it. Whatever you do don't smoke even one cigarette and don't worry-- It will come off and you will feel better.

Thanks so much for this info. I quit a little over 1 month ago and around the same time I had a cortisone shot in my back. Since then I have gained 13 lbs and still going. I thought it was due to the cortisone shot but the Dr. So I talked to a nurse that quit and she said she gained 30 lbs in one month after she quit. I have started working out again but I seem to be hungry all the time! I can't wait till this levels out because I can't afford new clothes. I used my cigarette money to join the gym! Thanx looks like ill be just fine.

Hi diya-- I would say concentrate on quitting smoking first and don't worry about the weight. If you are really active you may not gain much or any at all and it will come off once your body adjusts to doing without nicotine. Just tackle one thing at a time. Get off the cigarettes first. There is lots of help out there for quitting and lots of ways to do it. Just start and take it one step at a time. The best I can do for you is to wish you good luck and much success.

Thank you waytostopsmoking-- I see by your name that you too know something about this topic-- thanks for stopping by and for the kind words as well.

Advice From a Former Smoker

Hi Marty-and congats on getting off cigs. Hang in, 14 lbs isn't so much and I bet you will unload it in another year or so. Smoking again is definitely a baaaaad idea: I'm off the smokes over a year. I put on 14 pounds and it seems to have leveled off at that. Then a heinous thought of beginning smoking again to lose weight crept into my head.

I happened upon this article in an attempt to see which is better, being overweight-some or a smoker. You have removed my "back to smoking idea. I'll live with 14 pounds extra for now. Oh Abdu-- you have got a real challenge there and I relate to scarfing down the Nutella. My main advice would be to not use this as an excuse to start smoking again because it will pass and if you start to smoke, you'll only have to quit all over again later.

The weight will come off. It really will but right now your body is adjusting bigtime. I'd say drink lots of water and get the nutella out of the house and try chewing sugarless gum, but don't be surprised at your weight gain. Just buy some new clothes and get ready to walk, swim, go to the gym or do whatever it takes once the cast is off and you are healed. D because it took me so long to get in shape.. D and i cant do sport or even walking until i remove the cast.. Hi hardtoquit-- wow you started young so no wonder quitting seems daunting.

I would absolutely urge to you quit. Cold turkey is hard but possible and some people say it is the best way to go. I was never able to do it though I tried many times. There is no ideal quit day, but I would urge you to prepare for quitting by scouting various sites and support groups online there are tons of them and by setting a specific date. Get all cigarettes and smoking paraphanalia out of your house and don't be around smokers for the first few days--you can choose to go to work or stay home for the first couple of days, depends on you--either way it is important to not have even one puff.

As for weight-- everyone is different. Most people do gain at least a few pounds but a few do not. Generally speaking heavy smokers tend to gain more, but like you say, there are no guarantees. Here's a link to another hub I wrote with some tips for quitting based on my own experience.

Hope it helps a bit and good luck. Let me know how it's going. I have my fingers crossed for you https: Ive been smoking for 14 years Im I actually dont smoke that much i smoke less then a half pack a day but its still so hard to put it down in even talking about it it makes me want one. Im scared though because three people in my family are all ill from smoking cigeretes i want so bad to quite. Well, John, that's the first time I've heard that one-- but I imagine you will put on a few pounds just in the normal course of quitting and having a better appetite along with a slower metabolism.

If you don't gain weight just from having quit, you might want to consult a nutritionist or nutritionally oriented physician. In any case, gain or lose congratulations on having quit. It's a big step. Hey Robie, this is a great hub, thank you for the information. I have a question to ask, I just recently quit smoking Thank god and I'm actually severely underweight Male, 6ft, pounds so I was wondering if there's a way that I could leverage my cessation into about 30 pounds of weight without being unhealthy?

Congrats to you too, Vickey and I hope number 11 is the last infection you have. Good luck to you and thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I quit smoking 3 months ago.. Ive gained little weight, but ive also been real sick for about 10 weeks, on antibiotics and medication.. Bc everytime i go to the doctors im a pound or two more heavier.. Congrats to all you ex-smokers, i had it easy i guess bc i became sick, so i didn't really crave one.

It is all about withdrawal, diane and as long as you do not smoke even one, it will pass. There are lots of online message boards and forums where you can find fellow sufferers and get information.

Here's a link that may help http: I am about 4 or 5 days into it, quit because I couldn't taste them because of some med the dr gave me.. I want one but am trying toi ride it out God I feel like I am going crazy.. Hey Steve-- just remember it will pass.

Best thing to do with the mood swings is activity-- run, walk, swim, go work out at the gym, whatever. Drink lots of water and remember that the feeling will pass.


How to quit smoking - and stay cigarette free for good

Stick with it and good luck. Great and useful Hub! I stopped to smoke in the past and did really increased my weight. It was due to the amount of food I used to eat while I was without nicotine. I think if you increase your physical activity it all will be fine and regular. That was what I did and it worked for me.

Very informative hub quitting smoking can be a tough thing to do but the reward doubles its worth. My name is Rebekka, im 18 and in the middle of stopping smoking. I actually stopped smoking to help gain weight because im around 45kg and im underweight for my age. Ive been smoking since i was 11, and i just wanted to know how long it will take me to put on weight? Thanks medwalls, and I just checked out your blog-- very nice and filled with solid information about obesity. I'll go on over and do a bit more checking when I have more time.

Thanks for stopping by. Midasfx-- thanks for sharing that-- this is really interesting. I need to research connections between smoking pot and weight gain-- wonder if others have had this experience. I never smoked enough pot for it to make a difference, but I was a 3 pack a day smoker of cigarettes and put on 60 lbs when I quit.

DJ , I have also been there. I quit smoking cigs and pot and I quickly gained weight, i think about 40 lbs. Brought me up to That was about 2 years ago, I have been living a healthier life and got my weight back down to around Now That is interesting, DJ-- haven't smoked pot in years, but seem to remember I got famished when I smoked not the other way around-- oh well, congrats on your marriage. Maybe you should write a book called " The Marijuana Diet": Okay, here's my truth to share. I don't smoke cigarettes but I can tell that when I quit smoking pot to save money for my wedding I blew up pretty good and fat.

After the honeymoon I started smoking again and thankfully returned to normal size. Funny thing is, all my wedding pictures are of a fat me that nobody really knows. That's good to hear, glass visage-- it is possible to do but takes concentration-- kudos to your mom and nice to see you: My mom kept eating carrots so she could have something in her mouth other than cigarettes I think she transitioned just fine!

Quitting is tough, but it is well worth it. This information is great! I've been looking for tips to Quit Smoking that may help. I put on weight too, but then eventually lost much of it and like you have never regretted giving up smoking. My doctor said I would have had to gain lbs or more to equal the health damage that smoking was doing to my body. I put on lots of weight when I quit, mainly because I ate and drank more. I still didn't regret quitting smoking though! I am losing weight though now. I was actually too thin to be healthy when I smoked as I would smoke instead of eating proper meals sometimes!

I haven't read your hub, talktofast, but I definitely will do so and yes, you are right, nicotine is more addictive than heroin-- at least that is what an ex smoker who is also a former heroin addict told me. He said that he found it harder to kick cigarettes than heroin. I do know that the same pleasure centers of the brain are involved so it is probably true. Thanks robie, have you read my hub tobacco giants stunt your growth? Governments of the world would legalise anything if they thought they could tax it and make it socially acceptable.

Nicotene is more addictive than heroin. Well, talktofast-- that's quite a forceful statement for which there are many pros and cons--we tried prohibiting alcohol in the 's and it was a disaster and I don't think the " war on drugs" has exactly been a big success either. Thanks for adding your voice here though-- much appreciated. Thank you I just read this and it was very helpful I have been quit a little over a month now and I have gained some weight I can feel it.

I am 45 and smoked for 26 years I have done so well I am worried about the weight I am glad I read this I think I will increase my activity and not panic over my weight it's to soon. Yup-- nicotine does keep you trip, problem is it does a lot of other things too and cigarettes are a rather expensive diet plan: Thanks ripplemaker-- may all your friends manage to quit-- it is soooooo worth it in the long run.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. So good to see you: A friend of mine told me this too--gaining weight when she quit smoking. Now I am crossing my fingers that my other dear friend will quit smoking sometime soon! This is a very good hub about how to quit smoking, robie2. I really liked the way presented all the valuable information and how you added nice images on your hub. Thank you so much for sharing this terrific hub! Well, I would say make that 4 or 5 times 5 or 6 times a week and add some weight bearing exercise-- free weights or circuit training or a gym workout. This will build muscle which will up your metabolism.

Most of all, don't panic if you gain a few pounds. They will come off and most people don't gain a whole lot. In your case, you already must be in good physical shape. If you add some weight bearing exercise you will be fine-- it really is worth it to be smoke free. I already run 7kms 4 or 5 times a week and teach aerobics two days I'm terrified that I'm going to gain weight now that I've quit.

What else can I do?? Thanks KoffeeKlatch-- I gained weight too and also found taking it off harder than putting it on-- but then isn't that always the way it is??? I gained weight when I stopped smoking a few years ago. It was harder to take it off than it was to put it on. Great advice, well written hub. Wow Fucsia-- that is wonderful.

You are proof that it is possible to quit smoking and not gain weight. Certainly running or even just plain walking is a ticket to health in so many ways. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience here. Indeed I was afraid of gaining weight and therefore I increased my sporting activity running.

The sport has supported my fight against smoking in many way! Actually, it is not horrible advice. A truly addicted smoker cannot concentrate on losing weight and not smoking at the same time. Trying to do so will result in failure at both. I would say keep a food journal and lose some weight before you quit smoking if you wish, but don't try to do both at once and don't freak if after you quit you gain back the weight you lost.

Clearly,Cat, you are not a smoker and don't have a clue how hard quitting really is. You wouldn't tell an anorexic or a bulimic who also had an exercise addiction to stop going to the gym while they got a handle on eating normally would you? It would doom both efforts to failure. Anyone who would relapse and start smoking again because they gained 10 or 15 pounds has some serious eating disorder issues and body image issues that need to be addressed under separate cover -- it is far healthier to be a bit overweight and smokeless than smoking and thin.

You can quit AND actually lose weight, by keeping a food journal, reducing your caloric intake by calories a day and working out. So many people go back to smoking because they hate the way they look after they quit, so why NOT focus on overall health, not just quitting, so you never go back? Telling people to eat whatever they want and not worry about it is very bad advice A truly helpful hub. The cal difference with the explanation is new to me and very important information. Thanks for sharing your personal experience too, Tammy and congratulations on quitting. You reminded me of something important-- I did get depressed and lethargic when I first quit and had no idea that for really heavy smokers, nicotine is an anti depressant It was amazind and seemed to cut my appetite too-- stayed on it for about a year and then went off and was just fine.

Thanks for reminding me-- I should go back and put some information about that in the hub. Thanks for reminding me and thanks for sharing: Thanks for posting this some people don't understand that quitting smoking does decrease your metabolism I know I have gained at least 26 pounds I even stopped weighing myself until last week when I discovered how much I actually weigh now. Also quitting lowers seratonin which can cause depression and hence no energy and loss of interest I went through that too but now it's time to get moving and love being smoke free And Dolores-- good idea in principle, and in a way that is what I do suggest, but it isn't quite that easy--It's much easier to become addicted to eating when you quit smoking than it is to become addicted to exercise-- but smoking or not smoking-- if you get used to 30 minutes of cardio every day--and do it for at least three weeks in a row-- you just may become addicted to exercise which can result in its own problems for the truly addictive personality-- but that's another hub for another day.

They'd have a goal, burn off calories, and feel good about themselves! Thumbs up on this one for sure! Good and honest report and thankfully with a counter approach. Hope many quit and get fit to boot! Super Hub laying out the facts of weight gain post-smoking and the measures folks can take to minimize that gain, as well as the reasons they shouldn't be too concerned if they can't. Plus, the news feeds are totally on spot.

Thanks for sharing that and for reading and commenting. Great advice and I feel so much better having quit smoking a few years ago. Good advice about weight gain as well. Think of all the money I would have saved, had I never begun smoking in the first place! HI Alek-- yes the length of time you have smoked and your age when you quit have a lot to do with how much weight you gain and when you are older as i was when I quit it is hard to know how much of the weight gain is from smoking and how much just from time marching on-- well, anyway-- glad you stopped by and glad you liked the hub.

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Why You Gain Weight When You Quit Smoking and What to Do About it

For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Advice From a Former Smoker It's not what you want to hear, but the truth is that more likely than not, you will gain weight when you quit smoking. Studies show that most weight-gain happens in the first six months after quitting smoking. Write down everything you eat. This will help you avoid mindless snacking. If you used to smoke when you had a cup of coffee, switch to tea. Exercise a half-hour every day.

Include weight-bearing exercise in your routine at least twice a week. Drink lots of water. Include high-fiber foods in your diet. For the first three months or so, you will have enough to do to just concentrate on not picking up the first cigarette. There will be physical cravings as your blood sugar goes up and down and your body gets used to being without nicotine. This is a very tough addiction to crack, so do not worry about whether or not you are gaining weight. Don't think about it and do not, under any circumstances weigh yourself.

If your clothes feel tight, buy new clothes. Trying to focus on losing weight while in the early stages of smoking cessation is a good way to fail at both things. Keep your mind on not smoking. However, if you can, I would suggest at least one-half hour of aerobic exercise every day—anything from a brisk walk to running a marathon or swimming laps will do, depending on your level of fitness and what is available. Walking is available to everyone and requires no special clothing or equipment and best of all, almost everyone knows how to do it.

At the very least, take a half-hour walk once or twice a day. Exercise will not only help with the cravings, it will help you use up those extra calories to rev up your metabolism. I ate regular meals. Food is going to taste good and you are going to be hungry. Do not, under any circumstances, skip meals, especially if you used to do it routinely when you smoked. This is a real no-no. You need to keep your blood sugar as even as possible and skipping meals will just make you hungrier.

It will be easier to exercise some sort of portion control if you eat three meals and two snacks a day. No more coffee and cigarettes in the car on the way to work in the morning. They say you should eat healthy things like carrot sticks and apples, but frankly, when I was giving up smoking they just didn't do it for me. I was more into pretzels and nuts.

It is wise to stay away from sweets and junk food as much as you can, but give yourself permission do what needs to be done so you don't start smoking. Remember that most cravings don't last more than 15 minutes. Try to ride them out. Do not deny yourself, but do be mindful and try to concentrate on whole grains, fruits, and veggies rather than processed snack foods.

You want to avoid sweets because they cause a spike in blood sugar and a corresponding dip afterward. The blood sugar roller coaster increases cravings. There are two problems with alcohol for the new ex-smoker: It lowers your inhibitions and make it more likely that you will give in to the urge to smoke, and it's full of empty calories. Avoiding it is an easy way to keep from gaining weight in your early post smoking days, not to mention that smoking and drinking just seem to go together.

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