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In the end, the ancient Maya abandoned hundreds of centres famous for their palaces, temples, tombs and ball courts over a thousand years ago. But while the Maya elite died out, the Maya themselves, who still number in the millions in Belize, Guatemala, Mexico and other parts of Central America, did not, Prof Lucero pointed out. Are there lessons for us in studying how the ancient Maya responded to climate change?

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Many people from around the world will be paying attention as research continues in Belize. Here at Chaa Creek, the site of an ancient Maya settlement containing over 70 recorded Maya sites including pyramids and plazas, we support and encourage further research into Maya habitation.

We also welcome our guests to explore the Maya archaeology of Belize and discover this fascinating, enigmatic civilisation for themselves. Future discoveries may well be made by someone who became interested in this fascinating culture while exploring the acre Chaa Creek Nature Reserve and visiting our Natural History Centre.

I find this so intriguing and hope to be able to do some underwater exploration on my next visit. If you have not visited Chaa Creek and the incredible ruins, caves and environments, put it on your list. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Join over 1, readers and get the best Belize travel content, tips, and deals delivered to your inbox each week. Enter your name and email below. There are 34 structures in a two acre area, the tallest of which is a temple that rises 77 feet into the air. Many of the buildings are Palaces, or Elite Residences , situated around seven courtyards.

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There are also two ball courts, five stelae, one altar, and one structure that may have served as a sweat house. Several jade objects, obsidian blades, shell and bone ornaments and pottery vessels were found in a Royal Tomb , the most interesting of which is a mosaic mask made up of jade and shell that was part of the belt worn by the entombed. Everything you organised for us happened according to plan and was as described and just up our street. After an early breakfast, you will be picked up at the hotel for the transfer by road over the border into Guatemala as you head for the Tikal National Park.

Hidden for 1, years in the midst of rainforests teeming with wildlife are enormous ceremonial cities with magnificent Temples, Pyramids and Palaces built by the mysterious Mayan people using peasant farmers and slaves, without the benefit of beasts of burden or even the wheel.

Of the park's square miles only 10 square miles of central Tikal has been mapped and over 3, separate buildings have been revealed: Imagine the ceremonies where human sacrifices were offered to the Gods. Listen carefully and you will hear the still-beating heart of a dying Civilisation. The caves are kept lit constantly from 7 A. Thus, the 50 curiously formed stalagmites and stalactites are readily visible.

After lunch on the shores of the lagoon you will enjoy a relaxing sunset boat trip on the lake. One of the stops is the Itza Mayan city of Tayasal which was not taken by the Spanish until Cortez had passed through here in All traces of Tayasal were destroyed by the Spanish. This is a great place to experience the colonial culture and gain an insight into Guatemalan village life.

It is also fun to explore the cobbled streets lined with handicraft stores, shopping for Guatemalan goodies. The shops stay open into the evening and you can purchase wonderful garments made of fabulous woven fabrics. We have not included Dinner tonight so that you are free to eat at the island restaurant of your choice. The flight takes 45 minutes and offers fabulous views as you fly over the rainforests. There are two flights daily from Flores to Belize International. Those with more time to spare can have a free day in Flores and take the 4.

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You can then spend the night in Belize City or catch the 5. This flight from Flores arrives too late to catch southbound connections. This is an ideal tour to add on before or after your island vacation. We can also arrange transfers to other destinations in Belize and a wide selection of island vacations for relaxing, snorkeling, scuba diving or fishing. You can fly like Tarzan on a series of safe platforms and cables, formerly accessible solely to scientists and photographers, installed in the beautiful leafy trees.

At the Canopy Tour you will be able to view jungle life from a bird's eye perspective and enjoy soaring from tree to tree. This tour through the forest treetops offers you an exciting experience high above the forest floor.