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Fellow Fellow created some lovely black and white labels for you to download and use as you like.

Aura Cacia Patchouli essential oil sourcing in Western Sumatra, Indonesia

Labels the right way around — Print on sticker paper. Cut out the ones you want. Cut out ones you want to use according to packet instructions. Bring the ribbon up the bottle, over the lid, and down the other side.

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Peel the backing off the sticker you want to use, and stick it over the ribbon. For the Gift Bag: Iron your cut out iron-on transfer label onto your bag according to the instructions. Put the bottle inside the gift bag, and give it to some lucky man! New York City event planner Michael Cove has a business to run and no time for a relationship. Especially when all around him he sees the pain caused by the inevitable failure of those relationships.

Patchouli for Christmas Series by Bren Christopher

He prefers to spend his time planning celebrations for others, seeking only the occasional fling when the need for company becomes too great. Artist and do-gooder Jude Kendrick has his reasons for disliking Christmas, and prefers to withdraw alone to his loft for the holidays. Although he is in no mood for a visit from a party planner, he cannot deny the heat that flares between them the moment they meet.

They have nothing in common except the loneliness of the holidays. Can Michael lift the spirits of the moody Jude?

Patchouli for Christmas: Collected Stories

And can Jude convince Michael to risk his heart? When a neo-hippie artist drags a New York City party planner to a yoga retreat in the Catskills for a week of togetherness, it could be the end of their relationship. Or the start of something new. New York City event planner Michael Cove has managed to reach his thirties without ever having a real relationship.

See a Problem?

Jude knows he sometimes tries to push the relationship too hard, too fast. He only wants to get to know Michael better, but will pushing too hard mean pushing Michael away?

Getting to know each other better requires spending time together. With their busy schedules, days go by with barely a phone call.

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  8. A week of togetherness at a Retreat Center in the Catskill Mountains will either move them to the next phase in their relationship—or tear them apart. Tempers flare when a moody artist pushes for more togetherness than his party planner boyfriend dares allow.

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    When an old flame reappears, all bets are off. Why rock the boat? When Jude asks him to move in, Michael refuses. He and Jude have something very good, just the way it is, and commitment could ruin it. Michael is certain that Jude would soon tire of him and refuses to take that risk.